Mt. Kumotani


yDatezSun., July 20, 2003
yNamezMt. Kumotani(787m)
yRoutez (14:30)the Kanonji parking lot--(15:15)the second view place --(15:30) the third view place--
(17:15)Summit--(18:25)the third view place--(19:05)the Kanonji parking lot
yRequiredz4 hours and 35 minutes

Today's forecast is also poor. If it goes to the Sea of Japan side, it will think that the weather becomes good and Mt. Kumotani of Fukui Prefecture will be aimed at. Although my wife also invited after a long time, Fukui was an answer that it is far.

It finishes shopping and goes out on the foot. North part of Suzuka, Ibuki, and Tsuruga, since it rained, it becomes a thought that could'nt trek today. Rain was settled, when R27 was made to run and having been escaped from Tsuruga. Many persons were in the beach in spite of the clouded sky. Radio had reported the "amateur singing conest" currently performed in Hiroshi Itsuki's hometown, Mihama.

R27 turning left , it is made to run on the riverside of Mimi for a while A bridge is crossed in Shinjo. From the place of the ascent mouth to an Power Electron transfer station, it goes to the suitably higher one. The line by which electricity led is stretched around the paddy field. The highest place is arrived at. The sign of the "Mt. KumoTani start of a trail up a mountain" is beyond an electric line. If an electric line is touched by hand, although it is not strong, it comes with. Although it was not the grade which cannot be put up with, passing hesitated. The approach from here gives up and is go around to a western route.

It gets down on the riverside of Mimi, and R27 is come out and refueled JR Mikata station is checked and a car is parked in the parking lot in Ishi_Kanonji. Body preparations are prepared and it leaves.

If it comes out on a parking lot, the road to Ishi_Kanonji is running. However, he does not feel inclined to return to the place of a car. If it progresses, the tourist has hung about at some driveways. It visits to Ishi_Kanonji. If it escapes from the precincts of a temple, stairs continue from the back hand. The promenade cut is progressed. Cloudy and humid, and sweat blows and comes out. A ridgeline is arrived at in ascent and it arrives at the first view place. For the Mikata lake filled with the quiet surface of a lake. It becomes the promenade of a ridgeline. The opposite shore is expected Otaki and a second view place is arrived at. Although interrupted a little by the tree, Mikata_5_lake expresses the whole aspect. An inclination becomes loose and shelves branch to Otaki on the right. A path-through-a-wood terminal point is arrived at, and there is a sign of the Mt. KumoTani start of a trail up a mountain. I know coming by the car so far. If the steep hill paved red is gone up, it will arrive at the third view place of a log house. The view of Mikata_5_lake from here is wonderful.
Kanonji log house
log house
The promenade where the width of a ridgeline is wide is progressed according to Mt. Kumotani's guidance. Up and down are repeated and a saddle part is reached. Grass has become growing although the promenade is going down from here. A way becomes thin and turns into a mountain path. The waterdrop attached to grass drips to trousers. Route against which a prospect is not effective is progressed for a while, asking a sound of water to the left. If its peak is overshot, a sound of water will be shortly asked to the right. Furthermore, it becomes the depressed ground made into which makes a primeval forest regard it as exceeding a peak. Hearing a sound of water, a alpine rose is pushed aside and it goes to the right. It takes time as it is unexpected.

Route is progressed repeating up and down. It passes also at 17:00 which was being planned and becomes a quick pace. It arrives at the summit of the mountain at 17:15. Start time having been late , physical strength was required as it is unexpected. The view from Summit was unsatisfactory ,only east side is open , so expected the riverside country . A summit-of-the-mountain sign, 2 grade triangulation stations, etc. are stored in a camera, and the post of a return trip is taken.
Mt. Kumotani Summit
Mt. Kumotani
It is humid after rain and will be in a dripping wet state. A depressed ground is passed and it rested time in the place to which its peak was overshot. The up and down to the third view place are felt long. It arrives at a log house somehow. It goes down to the first view place, quietly looking at Mikata_5_lake of twilight. It escapes from the precincts of a temple in Ishi_Kanonji, and returns to a parking lot.

The ground is the choked heat and finishes spare clothing soon. From Tsuruga, it rides at high speed and is going home.

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