Mt. Yukino

Mt. Yukino
Mt. Yukino

yDatezSat., July 19, 2003
yNamezMt. Yukino(309m)
yRoutez (16:00)park parking lot--(16:30)Summit--(17:05)park parking lot
yRequiredz1 hours and 5 minutes

This forecast of a weekend is also poor. My office was closed of only@Surtuday and Sunday although the worlds were three consecutive holidays. It becomes watching a game of the Major Leagues by rained during the morning. Ichiro's grand slam is seen and it goes to a library. It looks at a weather chart and will go to Mt. Yukino of Shiga.

It goes into R477. The fog of Shiga was able to be taken when escaped from the Buhei tunnel. R477 is followed and it goes into a prefectural road from Gamo. It is dotted with an ancient tomb on both sides of a highway. The signal of the Yukino tunnel this side is turned left, and a car is parked in the parking lot of an ancient tomb.
ancient tomb Yawata shrine
ancient tomb
Yawata shrine
Body preparations are prepared and it leaves. The stone steps of the Yawata shrine are reached. Large stone steps are extended upwards as it is. It is easy to slide on the stone steps where moss was attached. The building in character with an inner shrine is in a dark wood. It becomes a mountain path from here for a while. If the steep hill of the stairs of a balustraded tree is gone up, it will appear in a power transmission steel tower. Mt. Mikami and Lake Biwa are also overlooked and the Ohmi plain spreads. A break is carried out.

The loose inclination of Tree zone is reached and it goes. From the bottom, the engine sound of a car can be heard continuously. The white bag of landfill appeared was the summit of the mountain. There is no view in a grove. rain a few the summit of the mountain is just stored in a camera by and it is attached to a return trip.
Ohmi plain summit
Ohmi plain
Although settled soon, at the steel tower, the raindrop remained in the power line and a sound called putty putty was able to be heard. It returns to the place of a car. It had begun to rain, when way home and Suzuka were crossed.

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