Sawa mountain

Sawa mountain
Sawa mountain

yDatezSun., July 13, 2003
yNamezSawa mountain(233m)
yRoutez (12:30)R8 guard--(13:00) Summit--
(13:30)R8 guard
yRequiredz1 hours and 00 minutes

Although the front had directed south in the weather chart, clouds were going south by the picture of a meteorological satellite. A forecast is believed and the direction of Wakasa in the Sea of Japan is aimed at. Although shopping is finished and it goes north to along the Suzuka, clouds start the edge of a mountain and rain strike a front in the neighborhood which passed Fujiwara. Wakasa is given up and it changes into climbing the low mountain of Shiga Prefecture. Kuragake pass cross over and the Sawa mountain of Mitsunari Ishida of Hikone is aimed at.

It got down from the weather and was parking about two cars at Oike's start of a trail up a mountain. It ties with R306/R8. It turns to the right immediately toward the Hikone city area from the Furusawa town signal of tunnel this side. It becomes the bottom of a guard toward R8 about a place like housing site. There are an rest_house, a meeting place, a guardian deity of children, a toilet, etc., and there is also a parking space.

The inside of a rucksack is used only as food and rain gear, and an umbrella is very left. When it went up to R8, the Sawa mountain history hall was in meeting. There is a white stake of the Higashiyama hiking course entrance. Just then, grass drips to and rain drips at trousers. It cannot bear, confusedly , but lower rain gear is fixed at the bamboo.

If it reaches for a while, it will come out to a ridgeline. The prostitute valley that was drowned herself is seen on the left , and Sen_Nuki_doors which were the water jar of a castle is seen on the right. It becomes thick grass although guidance with ruins of a castle is followed at the 30M point. It returned, and when reached for a while, there was a third grade triangulation station. The point became the open space of a wood and stone pillars, such as the Sawa mountain ruins of a castle, built. Although the field of view was not effective by the forest tree, Hikone Castle and a city area were desired from between trees, and Biwa_lake had grown dim. The red mushroom is in bloom on the road surface. It rains and continues and he does not feel inclined to take down the waist.

Away go down , then Sen_Nuki_doors are seen. According to guidance, it sees and there is description that it is more deep. It is returned and taken to Rest_house. The tour around a low mountain also felt the rainy day as pleasure. The post of a return trip is taken by the circumference of Sekigahara.

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