yDatezSat., July 12, 2003
yRoutez (16:20)Old tollgate--(17:05)Obare_ishi--(17:35)) Cleft--
(18:15)Tate_iwa--(18:30)Summit--(19:40)Old tollgate
yRequiredz3 hours and 20 minutes

Although I had you estimate it as a mountain path implement store, it was a thing that the expense of repair of shoes increases. Although it was used having purchased this shoes in 1997 and having re-covered it at once, the upper sole has also been torn at last. About me, operating frequency will have worn and crushed all of the cause [ many ] and old shoes. My wife's shoes incidentally purchased at the same time are still living.

Since it was a forecast that the weather is not good a weekend, a deep sleep is presumed. Rain which was falling in the morning was also fried in the afternoon. He buys new shoes in Yokkaichi. Although time has also become late, since the interval of clear weather was also visible, he goes out shoes for training at Gozaisho. It is confused, and as he has gone out, he forgets a digital camera. It arrives at the old tollgate past 16:00. It is made leisurely only by the stop [ one cart ].

Body preparations are prepared and it leaves. It goes back and forth with the group of about five persons' sneaker. If it comes out to rocks, a view will spread. A break is carried out looking at the gondola which goes back and forth by the negative OBARE rock.

It goes back and forth with those who go down . It is called "Is it from now? It takes 30 minutes per hour".Although Cloudy, a distant view is effective and a field of view is very good. It regrets having forgotten the digital camera. The break also of the cleft is carried out. There is no gondola which goes to a summit-of-the-mountain station, and it had turned into only gondola from which it gets down.

People also stop there being also truly. Clouds started the Kunimi mountain and Cloud was flying from the Shiga side. Tate_iwa is passed and a break is carried out by the table-like rock. The prospect was effective, and when having identified Ibi and the Nagara-gawa mouth-of-a-river part, the Nagashima Spa land, etc., the time had passed in the twinkling of an eye.

It goes up to the summit of the mountain in a hurry. The wind blew from the Shiga side and clouds were flowing. It gets down from a pavement way with guidance of SASAYURI, and an antelope center is seen on the right.

It goes down by Ichinotani_Shindo. New shoes had the device which there is a hook in the middle on The tongue of shoes and loses horizontal gap. Before, it has sprained with new shoes in the Hiraga_take, and goes down carefully. Town light is unexpectedly strong although darkness visits. It gets down at a stretch, the light of a hut is seen, and it feels relieved.

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