C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office in Osaka, Japan

C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office in Osaka, Japan

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We offer our clients a variety of professional services tailored to their needs including Tax Services, Accounting Services and Specialty Services.

Our services

■ Tax services

1、Bookkeeping service (and Finacial reporting service)

All businesses in Japan are required to keep accounting records for taxation purpose. We can help you to record your acccounts and build-up a system to prepare your accounts yourself. And instead of you we can also provide bookkeeping service to you.
At the end of the business year we can finalize the settlement of your accounts by your providing the accounting records

2、Tax return service

All taxpayers in Japan are required to file a tax return. We can calculate your final tax liability and prepare your tax return statement on the basis of your financial statement and financial data. And we also suggest ways to reduce your tax payments.
In addtion, we can review your assessed tax return if you prepare the tax return yourself.

3、Attendance with tax investigation

All taxpayers are potentially at risk of a tax investigation by the National Tax Agency. We can attend with the tax investigation to assist you and resolve any problems that might arise as quickly as possible.

■ Accounting services

1、Auditing service

We can provide you legal audit with our affiliated audit company and C.P.A.. We can also provide voluntary audit to lend credibility to the information such as your financial statement.

2、Accounting consulting service and financial reporting service

We can offer a wealth of knowledge related to the latest accounting standards in Japan such as tax effect accounting, retirement benefits accounting, asset-impairment accounting, etc. In addition, We can assist you in preparing your consolidated financial statements and your cash-flow statements.
We can also assist you in preparing your financial reporting following them.

■ Specialty services

1、Company reorganization

We can suggest your successful M&A structure by analyzing your backgrounds, profit earning in the future, financial statements and income tax returns through accounting standards, tax law and other laws. We can assist you throughout the M&A taransacion lifecycle, for example, deal scheduling, managing the processes, due diligence for reorganization, application of accounting standards and tax law.

2、Incubation and Incorporation

You can start up a business as personal business, company or foreign branch in Japan. We can help to find the best methods to start a business in Japan. We can also assist you to file the necessary documents for applications and notifications to the national and local governments.
After starting up your business, we can assist you for financing, planning your business, bookkeeping, tax return, etc.

Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office - Osaka city in Japan
(Registered as a C.P.A. No.20835 and as a Tax Accountant No.114767)
ADRESS: 1-27-3-201 Kohama Suminoe-ku Osaka city 559-0001 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6569-9555 FAX: +81-6-6569-9445

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