C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office in Osaka, Japan

C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office in Osaka, Japan

Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office in Osaka, JapanOFFICE

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■ Chief executive

I spent 7 years working at audit companies and the Zeirishi-Hojin before setting up my own practice. I specialized in auditing, accounting consulting, tax advisory and tax return and I was responsible for managing the clients at those companies.
With this specialty regarding accouning and tax law, I will provide various services for my clients.

And also we have a large network of accountants, tax accoutants and other specialists who focus their professional expertise. I am convinced I can provide one-stop services for your complex issues.

Kenji Hirano, C.P.A. and Tax accountant
-Chief executive-
C.P.A. and Tax accountant
Kenji Hirano

■ Our office

Chief Executive Kenji Hirano, Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant

Pass Certified Public Accountant second-stage exam in 2002.
Qualify Certified Public Tax Accountant in 2003.

Profectional experience
Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office (2009-Present)
Grant Thornton Taiyo ASG (2002-2004)
KPMG AZSA & Co.-Big four accounting firm (2004-2007)
Zeirishi-Hojin PricewaterhouseCoopers-Big four accounting firm (2007-2009)
Profectional experience As a tax accountatnt

*Prepare corporation tax return and consumption tax return
*Review for tax return statement of listed companies
*Consultation for various tax issues and tax planning (for example, reorganization, international taxation, transfer pricing, incubation, etc)
*Attendance of tax investigation
*Tax due diligence

As an auditor and an accounting consultant

*Financial statement audit for the listed companies, large companies on the Corporation Law
*Books review for the small and medium-sized enterprise
*Prepare consolidated financial statment and statement of cash flows
*Financial due diligence and valuation of firm's stock
*Assistance for offering of stock to the public
*Assistance concerning internal controls over financial reporting
Location 2-13-32-501 Tamadenaka, Nishinari-ku, Osaka city 557-0044 Japan
+81-6-6569-9555, +81-6-6569-9445

Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office - Osaka city in Japan
(Registered as a C.P.A. No.20835 and as a Tax Accountant No.114767)
ADRESS: 1-27-3-201 Kohama Suminoe-ku Osaka city 559-0001 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6569-9555 FAX: +81-6-6569-9445

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